Tajikistan appeals for over US$ 7 million to help recovery from floods and mudflows

(Dushanbe, 12 August 2009): The Government of Tajikistan, together with the humanitarian community, launched an appeal today for $7.7 million to help people recover from floods and mudflows triggered by heavy rains in April and May, and to rebuild disaster-resilient communities.

Twenty-six people were killed and over 3,000 displaced by the floods and mudflows. Over 2,000 houses, hospitals, schools and other buildings were destroyed in a period of 6 weeks. The Tajik Government and aid agencies successfully delivered life-saving assistance in the aftermath of the crisis including tents, food, and access to safe water and emergency healthcare. However, the affected communities continue to struggle to rebuild their homes and livelihoods and to restore infrastructure. Hundreds of families are still living with relatives or in tents.

"Government and humanitarian actors in Tajikistan were able to provide immediate relief from existing stocks. Now we must give affected people the chance to restart their lives. For this, we are counting on the support of the international community", said Michael Jones, United Nations Resident Representative in Tajikistan.

Over 2,000 people still need access to proper housing before December, when temperatures can fall to -25=BAC. Supplies of essential medicines and school materials need to be replenished. Some 20,000 people still need access to drinking water, and 3,100 children are waiting to go back to school. Additional funding would also allow the restoration of health care in all disaster-struck communities.

A total of 18 projects are included in the appeal, which focuses on the worst-hit districts in the centre and the south of the country. Solid, heated houses, schools and hospitals are reconstruction priorities. They need to be rebuilt in a way that ensures they will not collapse again.

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