The slow road to recovery after the Tajik avalanches

Avalanches continue to affect the mountainous country of Tajikistan. After heavy snowfall in early February around 500 Avalanches hit some of the remote, mountainous regions in Tajikistan including the Rasht Valley and Tavildara district. Operation Mercy/CADA is working to bring needed clothing and blankets to trapped villagers

The work to address the Avalanche situation is now well under way although much slower than we had hoped. The process of getting food and clothing to the remote areas has been hampered by the ensuing rains, flooding, mud slides and rock fall. These have blocked main roads as well as the lesser tracks that provide access to the more remote villages. Some villages high in the Pamir mountain areas of Badakshan remain inaccessible by road.

Operation Mercy, from its Dushanbe base and in cooperation with the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the UN have delivered 962 family packs of clothing; 62 boxes of shoes; 17 boxes of blankets; 10 boxes of bed linen; 45 sacks of bedding and 15 sacks of mattress pads. In terms of food, family packages have been distributed to approx 70 families so far with much more going out in the coming weeks. We hope to distribute as many as 800 food packages to families in the north east area of the country.

You can help...

If you would like to help the Tajik families affected by the avalanches, please go to the online giving and give to Tajikistan. You can email us on info@mercy.se with any other information you would like us to have. Thank you for helping at this time.