Situation Report #1 on Floods in Kulyab and surrounding districts, Khatlon, Tajikistan 07 May 2010


Rapid Emergency Assessment & Coordination Team | Tajikistan

Situation Overview

Heavy rains provoked floods in the early morning hours of Friday 7 May in Kulyab town and the surrounding districts of Kulyab, Vose, Muminabad, Temurmalik and Shurabad.

The worst affected area by the flooding is considered to be Kulyab town and district. At this point, 13 cases of deaths have been officially reported, another 40 people are reported to be missing and over 50 people are hospitalized with different injuries. Evacuation, search and rescue operations . The access to the affected area, which is mainly streets Charmgaron and Nonboi Poyon of Kulyab town is still inaccessible, which complicates the process of damage assessment. Very preliminary estimates indicate, that over 250 houses are fully destroyed and another ~170 houses are damaged partially. Over 1500 individuals are currently displaced. Local secondary school 53 has been arranged as a concentration point and possible shelter for displaced population. Donations from local population has been gathered and distributed at the reported school as well. President of the country, Mr. Emomali Rahmon, with the senior officials of the Government, including Vice Prime-Minister, Head of CoES, Minister of Water Resources, Minister of Finance, Head of Agency on State Reserves, Khatlon province authorities, heads of affected districts and representatives of international community have visited the site and convened a meeting under the chairmanship of the President. During the meeting the existing preliminary information on situation, such as life losses, damage, needs, relocation issues and available resources have been reviewed and discussed. The following decisions were taken during the meeting:

- State Commission on Emergency Situations should be activated under the chairmanship of Vice Prime-Minister Mr. Alimardon;

- total damages and needs should be assessed and figures finalized by State Commission on Emergency Situations during the next 10 days;

- new land spots should be identified within the affected districts, for relocation of the affected households;

- projects and estimations on bank reinforcements of rivers Surkhob, Yokhsu and mudflow channel Tebalay should be prepared by Minister of Water Resources and Melioration and submitted to National Government for review during the coming 10 days;

- possible funding resources should be sought;

- all respective civil services, experts and machinery should be mobilized immediately for cleaning of affected area;

- the same approach used for recovery in Khuroson district following the mudflow in 2009, should be applied in Kulyab, taking into account gained lessons learned;

- relief items, such as food and clothing should be immediately released from State Reserves and list of available construction materials within State Reserve should be provided to the Government within next 10 days;

- Ministry of Health was tasked to ensure that healthcare is available for affected population, including psycho-social support and medicines.