As a result of the heavy rainfall in Tajikistan suffered about 400 homes

Committee of emergency situations and civil defense (COES) of Tajikistan requests the authorities of that country to provide fuel for flood relief, and also help the affected population with food and other necessities. About this BakuToday 30 April it was reported in the press service of the Ministry.

According to the source, as a result of heavy precipitation over the past three days in different regions of the country affected approximately 400 homes. The greatest element of damage caused to residents of Kulyab group areas in the South of the country. “In Kulob affected more than 80 houses and buildings, as well as some of the other objects in the Java area element damaged props three road bridges over the River Âvansu that connect the right bank district centre with its left bank. In Muminabad district nature completely destroyed five houses partially damaged about 200 houses, 30 families are in need of urgent resettlement. In vose district partially affected over 50 houses and the area Abdurahmoni Jomi around 45 houses, “said the source.

He said heavy rains filled the cellars of some of multi-storey houses and in the city of Dushanbe, which it was decided to disable these objects of power supply. As already reported BakuToday, april 27, Gidrometeocentr Tajikistan announced in regions of the country, a tropical storm warning for the next three days. In the meantime, Tajikistan hopes for foreign assistance in eliminating the consequences of prolonged abnormal winter and spring floods. Previously the authorities of the Russian Federation on three planes sent to Tajikistan for EMERGENCY SITUATIONS of emergency humanitarian aid goods. The World Bank also reiterated its willingness to assist in eliminating the consequences of the disaster.


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