REACT Situation report No.6 Earthquake in Vanj District, GBAO,Tajikistan

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Situation Overview

- 158 families are currently living in winterized tents. People were moved from schools to tents. Schools are open and functioning. Some damaged blocks in 5 schools are closed and the classes are held in shifts. UNICEF provided 22 school tents to substitute for the damaged blocks.

- Heavy snowfall on 6 February caused significant damages to the tents: In total 31 winterized tents in 5 villages collapsed due to the snow.

- The Iranian Red Crescent Society has provided food and non-food items to the Government for the benefit of the earthquake victims.

- A Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment was conducted by a team of 16 members representing CoES, UNDP, FOCUS, MSDSP, RCST and independent specialists.

- The district authorities decided to relocate the families living within 250 meters from the bottom of the mountain in Gishkhun village. This part of the village is considered to be a disaster-prone area by seismologists.

- The owners of 264 damaged houses will be provided with 0,1 hectares of land for construction of new houses.