REACT Situation Report #10 on Floods in Kulyab and surrounding districts, Khatlon, Tajikistan

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GLIDE Number: FL-2010-000087-TJK

Past reports and additional information can be found at http://www.untj.org/?c=7&id=318.

Situation Overview

On May 23, 2010 as a result of heavy rainfall and hailstorm Yovon and Norak districts of Khatlon Oblast have been affected. An 11 years old boy was killed by flooding. Many tents in the camps in Kulyab City has been flooded, all mattress and carpets within the tents got wet. Local authorities including government of Kulyab City together with CoES decided to evacuate families to the nearest school building in case of a long flooding. However, the rainfall lasted in a short period and there was no need in evacuation of the people.

Damage and Needs Information

Yovon District

According to information received from CoES in Yovon District, the young boy (11 years old) named Emomali Boymurodov was killed by flooding. The boy was the citizen of Kumchi Village, Gulsara Yunusova Jamoat, Yovon District.

Norak District

The flooding of 23 May 2010 has affected over 50 houses and 35 heads of cattle within Puli Sangin and Dukoni jamoats of Norak District.

Kulyab City

Epidemiological situation of Charmgaron Street became a serious problem. The sewerage pipeline which was damaged by the flooding of 7 May 2010 is currently being rehabilitated by 12 specialists from municipal department of Kulyab City. However, there are 510 meters of pipeline damaged and the present resources are not enough to fix the line.

More information on damage and further needs will be shared upon receipt from respective sources.