Re-start of mine action operations in Tajikistan 2004

News and Press Release
Originally published
On the 29th March 2004 the FSD started re-training two survey teams prior to redeployment.
On the 25th March 15 men from the Tajik Engineer Battalion were recalled to the FSD; where they carried out pre-training administration in preparation for the course.

The refresher-training course started on the 29th March, this course will last for two weeks and covers:

- General & Technical Survey Techniques
- Demining Techniques

When the training is complete it is envisaged that at least one of these teams will deploy in support of the Shigon - Zigar road construction project. This road project is rehabilitating a vital link between the eastern Region of Gorno Badakshan and the Khatlon and Central Regions. However due to the problems caused by mines along stretches of this road the construction workers are understandably reluctant to work in these areas.

The second team will be deployed on other tasks as prioritised by the Tajik Mine Action Cell (TMAC).

Medical Training

On the 10th April the FSD Medical Coordinator will commence a Medical Training cadre. The training is expected to last 4 weeks; during this period the two existing Medics who were trained last year will undergo re-fresher training. In addition to this an additional 5 medics will be trained; on the successful completion of the course these additional medics will be able to join the planned Survey and Clearance teams.

Future intensions

As further funding becomes available it is planned to train at least one additional Survey team and two Manual Mine Clearance teams. Mr. David Bruce (FSD Operations Manager) will carry out this training, with the assistance of LT. Philipe Auge and WO2 Olivier Shu; these Military EOD Technicians have very kindly been sent to Tajikistan by the French Government for 4 months to assist the Tajik Mine Action programme.

For further information contact the FSD Programme Manager in Dushanbe Mr. David Smyth (David.Smyth@mineaction.ch Tel: 00992 372 241550)
FSD headquarters in Geneva (+41 22 737 20 43 or info@mineaction.ch).