Rapid Emergency Assessment and Coordination Team (REACT): Floods in Khatlon: 7 – 13 May 2021, Situation Report #1 as of 14 May, 2021



  • Over 12 mudflows and landslides have been reported during the period of 7 – 13 May 2021.

  • Mudflows caused the death of 9 people.

  • Over 70 households are left homeless.

  • Large number of cattle has been lost and agricultural crops destroyed.

  • Mudflows caused disruptions to the livelihoods of around 22,000 people

Situation Overview

The torrential rains of 7 – 12 May 2021 triggered floods, landslides and mudflows in many of the country’s districts. The largest number of losses and destructions are faced by districts and cities of Khatlon province. Disasters affected following cities and districts: Kulob city and districts of Shamsiddini Shohin, Qushoniyon, Dangara, Yovon, Khuroson, Dusti, Vaksh, Muminobod and Jomi (please refer to Map below).

CoES reports that disasters caused the death 9 people. Very preliminary estimates indicate that 74 households were left homeless and houses of another 270 households were damaged to different extent.

Very modest estimations indicate damages caused by disasters to private and social infrastructure caused disruptions to the livelihoods of around 22,000 people.

Government of Tajikistan activated an Inter-Agency Commission on Emergency Situations (Commission) in each disaster affected district, which fully facilitates the response operations. Furthermore, Emergency Operations Centers (Shtab) have been set up in each disaster affected district, which collects and analyzes relevant information and coordinates the response activities.

Up to date, general response actions in every district include: search and rescue, evacuation of population from risk zones, constant disinfection of the affected territories, debris removal, assessment of damages and needs, registration of affected population, restoration of communal services, collection and distribution of immediate relief assistance, as well as recovery planning.

Co-Chairs of REACT, the Chairman of the Committee of Emergency Situations (CoES) and UN Resident Coordinator in Tajikistan called an extraordinary field REACT meeting, on 14 May 2021 in Kulob city. The meeting was attended by the Mayor of Kulob city. Meeting discussed the situation, damages, and humanitarian needs of the population. Among different operational aspects discussed and agreed, meeting agreed that partners should consider releasing available stocks of relief items to cover the most urgent needs and trigger available emergency response mechanisms, with consideration of early recovery interventions.


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