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Programme Update Europe Zone 2009-2010 (MAA65001)

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Appeal No. MAA65001

This report covers the period 01/01/2009 to 31/12/2009.

In brief

Programme purpose: The Europe zone office is guided in its work with Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies by the Global Agenda goals to mitigate the impact of disasters, including population movement and socio-economic crises; to improve the health status of vulnerable groups; to strengthen the capacity of the Red Cross Red Crescent to respond effectively to the needs of the most vulnerable people; and to promote respect for diversity and human dignity, and reduce intolerance, discrimination and social exclusion.

Programme summary: Coming up to its second anniversary, the Europe zone office team has been further consolidated and is now fully operational. Membership services are being provided to all member National Societies, and several key achievements can be noted. Extensive consultation took place around the new draft Strategy 2020, as well as on the impact of the economic crisis, while the emerging flu pandemic required much attention and support. Response to a number of small and medium-scale disasters was quick and effective, and disaster management training and the development of tools such as the on-line database progressed steadily despite a serious lack of resources. Much effort has been dedicated to developing tailored country-based approaches, leading amongst other to better quality technical plans under the umbrella of the Global Alliance on HIV and TB. However the overall funding situation remained uncertain, and in some cases National Societies had to scale down their HIV and TB activities significantly. Ongoing support has been provided to organizational development and capacity-building initiatives, with an increasing focus on peer-to-peer support. The programme areas of migration and anti-trafficking are fully operational, with the network of the latter hosted in the Europe zone office. The lack of adequate resourcing of these programme areas however remains a key challenge.

Capacity building in resource mobilisation has been identified as a key priority, as National Societies increasingly recognise the need for better accessing funding opportunities within the country. A round-table consultation with partner National Societies focused on the related funding trends and challenges, and the emerging theme of moving from donorship to partnership will be built upon further through the development of peer support mechanisms and capacity building in resource mobilisation.