OCHA ROCCA Times #2 (March 2014)

OCHA Regional Office for Caucasus and Central Asia Newsletter

Spring is here and we are happy to share the second issue of the ROCCA times. In March, our attention was consumed by the evolving crisis in Ukraine.

Although our office covers only countries in the South Caucasus and Central Asia, we were requested to provide preparedness support to the United Nations Country Team in Ukraine.

We have also been busy working on preparations for the 1-2 April Regional HFA2 Consultations in Almaty. ROCCA Information Management unit worked with information and communications specialists from United Nations agencies, Red Cross / Red Crescent movement, NGOs and government entities on session "Generation and access to information as a cornerstone to effective disaster risk reduction”. More on conclusions of this session you can read in our next issue of the newsletter.

Please note that our Regional Humanitarian Funding Update will be issued in July instead of April and will cover the first half of 2014.

Don’t forget to check out our jobs section below, there have been many vacancies announced in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Good luck!

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