Mudflow in Khuroson district Khatlon Province, Tajikistan, Situation Report № 2

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As reported in situation #1 dated April 17, 2014, on 16 April 2014, due to heavy rains and hailstorm, mudflow hit Mekhnatobod village of Kizil-qala Jamoat of Khuroson district, Khatlon Province. Based on the assessment conducted by CoES and Tajikistan Red Crescent Society, 170 households were reported as affected by the event, comprising 256 families or 1,890 people. Two children of 5 and 2 years old (boys) were killed by the mudflow. Additional damages were observed in local infrastructure and cultivated lands, whereas local livestock was also killed.

The affected population is staying within their houses despite damages caused to axillary buildings. Initial assistance by the Government included supporting with removal of debris from the areas to ease the access to the affected population as well as to health and educational facilities. Food and non-food assistance was provided by local authorities, UN agencies and Tajikistan Red Crescent Society. Local and regional branches of CoES are monitoring the situation of the affected population. The families, whose houses were fully destroyed, were relocated to their relatives’ houses in the nearby villages.