Monitoring & Early Warning Monthly Report, January 2012

Situation Report
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1.1 Possible Events in January 2012

The Information Management and Analytical Center (IMAC) of the Committee of Emergency Situations (CoES) reports that heavy snowfall, freezing condition and avalanches are the major natural hazards events which can be expected in January 2012.

Between 2009 and 2011, statistics indicate that 7 disasters occurred in January, including earthquakes, avalanches, and landslides.

1.1 Hazard Events in December 2011

IMAC/CoES reported 3 hazard events in December 2011:

December 5

An earthquake of 4 points of the 12‐point Medvedev‐Sponheuer‐Karnik (MSK) intensity scale, 310 km south‐east of Dushanbe; caused no damaged to infrastructure in Dushanbe.

December 7

Landslide in Vakhdat District; damaged 500 meters of the Vakhdat – Romit autoroad.

December 29

An earthquake scoring 2‐2.5 on the 12‐point MSK scale with an epicenter in the Islamic State of Afghanistan affected the village of Lukhsh, Saghirdasht Jamoat, Darvoz District resulting in human injuries, and damage to houses and infrastructure.

According to the information provided by the Tajik Red Crescent Society (RCST) branch in Darvaz the damage caused by the earthquake included:

  • 4 persons hospitalized in Sagirdasht and Tavildara district hospitals,

  • 55 households (est. 385 people, 7 person per family average used) affected;

  • 30 houses partly damaged;

  • 25 houses completely destroyed RCST National Disaster Response Team is continuing rapid assessments and rendering first aid to earthquake victims.

For more detailed information please contact Shamsudin Muhudinov, IFRC Tajikistan, at shamsudin.muhudinov@ifrc.org