Landslide in Fayzobod district, Direct Rule Districts, Tajikistan Situation report No 2 - 15 April 2015

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Situation Overview

Heavy rains on 28 March – 2 April of 2015 in Tajikistan triggered a landslide in Khanjar gorge of Sholipoya area in Yakkabedi village, Fayzobod district. The landslide occurred on 3 rd of April 2015, at approximately 13:10 PM. Its volume was estimated at 175000m3 . The affected area located 40-45 km from Dushanbe, 20 km from Vahdat City and 18 km from the center of Fayzobod District.

Damage Information

10 citizens of the above mentioned village were covered by the landslide in Khanjar gorge of Yakkabedi village. As the landslide occurred out of the residential area thus the village and households were not affected.

As the result of the search and rescue activities, the bodies of 2 people were found the next day after the disaster. Since the slope was unstable after the precipitations and conducting search and rescue activities were unsafe, it was agreed to stop the search and rescue works. However, on April 7th the Search and Rescue team of CoES and community residents of Yakkabedi village resumed searching. Furthermore, based on the latest information from CoES up to date bodies of 7 people were found, and the search activities of the remaining people is continuing by 63 rescuers of CoES and local community.

Assistance Provided

The Government, in addition to the provided Food-Items, has provided the affected households, who lost their family members with cash, amounting 10,000 Tajik somoni per family (totally 100,000 Tajik somoni).
The damaged drinking water system has been temporary fixed by the local authorities and the community has access to the water. In addition, for restoration of water supply, the Government provided the affected community with construction materials and the rehabilitation activities are ongoing.