Health and language training, Kid's club and Operation Christmas Child in Tacob, Tajikistan

Originally published
Staying up here from Monday to Wednesday afternoon has given us the opportunity to hold our kid's club on Monday (about 20 girls attend) and Tuesday (about 25 boys) evenings. We have seen they were quite ignorant of the need to be truthful. Through our various teaching sessions, I actually had kids coming back to report on who had taken the crayons back to their homes. And true enough, their friends confronted the kids who had taken crayons away and they turned up at the next meeting with the crayons to give them back.
This is an example of how we are encouraged each time we see positive changes in the lives of these precious little ones. They don't have good models around them and they do desperately need people to model good values for them and to help cultivate them into their lives.

Two of my students, 17 year old K. and F. were at the skiing resort in Tacob when they met Dr I. and family. They said that they practiced their conversation learnt from our English lesson with I.'s and he was quite surprised to meet these guys up in the village who could speak some English. They were quite pleased to be able to use what they had learnt from class in a real situation.

N. from Sweden has just joined us and will now continue the School Program as she will oversee the repair of 3 more schools and also be in charge of the Operation Christmas Child distribution in Takob area this winter.