Emergency aid for flood disaster in Tajikistan

News and Press Release
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1. The Government of Japan has decided to provide emergency assistance in kind (electric generators, water purifiers, portable water tanks and plastic sheets) worth about 10 million yen to the Government of Tajikistan, which sustained a large-scale flood disaster.

2. In Tajikistan, the water level of the Pyanji River that flows through Khatron province in the southern part of the country rose rapidly because of a large amount of melted snow water induced by rise in temperature, destroying river walls and causing major flooding. According to the announcement by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Tajikistan, about 1,400 households have taken refuge and immense damage inflicted on houses, roads, bridges and farmland.

3. More than 10,000 afflicted are forced to live in harsh conditions in Tajikistan, and the Government of Tajikistan requested emergency aid from the international community, while engaging in self-help efforts for restoration.

4. The Government of Japan has decided to extend this emergency aid for the disaster-afflicted from the humanitarian viewpoint and taking account of the friendly relations between Japan and Tajikistan.