COVID-19: Tajikistan Situation Report #13, 6 July 2020

Situation Report
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This report is produced by the Office of UN Resident Coordinator and OCHA HAT in collaboration with international partners. It covers the period of 25 June – 5 July 2020. The next report will be issued on or around July 20, 2020.

6213 (+ 646) * Confirmed cases of COVID 19

53 (+1) * Deaths

4858 (+ 749) * Total recovered from COVID-19

255 Patients are under medical supervision in hospitals

*new cases since June 23, 2020 (Situation Report # 12)

Data as of 5 July 2020 (20:00 local time), Ministry of Health and Social protection of the Population, Tajikistan

Tajikistan situation overview

  • As of 5 July 2020, the number of cumulative cases has increased to a total of 6213. During the reporting period, 1 new death attributed to COVID-19 was reported, bringing the total number to 53 deaths. The Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MHSP) reports that 4858 (78,2%) of infected people have recovered. Cases are being reported from all the regions in the country.

  • The cumulative incidence rate is 63,88 cases per 100 000 and 5,58 deaths per 1 000 000 population. The incidence rate during last 14 days if 8,5 per 100 000 population, which is a 25% decrease compared to previous 14 days period.

  • Most of the public health measures introduced by the Government since the beginning of the COVID outbreak have been lifted. However, the compulsory “mask regime” and ban on mass gatherings is still valid.

  • The President of Tajikistan signed the Law introducing the amendments and additions to the Administrative Code and Criminal Code of Republic of Tajikistan, which foresee increase of fines and penalties for nonobservance of compulsory “mask regime” and dissemination of false information through media about the pandemic. Adopted amendments will come into effect after mass publication through press.

  • On 1 July 2020, the main round of entry exams to Higher and Vocational Education Institutions have started. National Testing Center reports that all the necessary social distancing measures as well as disinfection works have been ensured, while organization of the testing for over 90,000 applicants throughout the country.

  • The mission of the Polish Emergency Medical Team has completed on 27 June 2020. The team has provided a public de-briefing reporting on the undertaken activities and recommendations on further improvement of COVID response in Tajikistan.

  • MoHSP jointly with WHO formally launched the establishment of the Public Emergency Operations Center, intended for monitoring, coordination and communication of COVID-19 response activities in Tajikistan.

  • No changes have been reported on status of in-country movement. In Sughd region, public transport between districts of the regions have been restricted, while for private movement population is strongly advised to refrain from unreasoned travels.

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan (MFA) reported about the repatriation of over 700 citizens stranded on the border crossing point “Jhibek-Jholi” between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and the repatriation of another 70 citizens from Uzbekistan with the support of IOM. The repatriation flights from different cities of the Russian Federation are continuing.

  • Airports remain closed, while railway routes remain open for cargo. No changes have been reported on the status of borders as well.

  • WFP humanitarian flights will fly from Dushanbe to Sharjah UAE from 13 of July twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the flights will be open for UN staff members and humanitarian workers. Transits are possible to Dubai and Addis Ababa international Airports.

  • Markets are fully operational and staple food commodities available in all monitored food markets during the reporting week. Compared to June 2019, prices remain high, though this week’s prices were stable or slightly lower against monthly averages of June 2020. Some observations from market monitoring are as follows: 1. Most people in the market do not wear masks and social distance is not observed. 2. More unskilled labour workers were observed in the markets as demand for their services is rising due to opening of markets. More detailed information is available in the WFP Weekly Market Situation Update, Annex 1.

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