CHF opens economic opportunity center in Istaravshan, in Northern Tajikistan

News and Press Release
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CHF/ACT Program Economic Opportunity Center was officially opened in Istaravshan on February 18, 2005 in Isfara, Sogd Region.
Economic Opportunity Center (EOC) serves as a hub through which all services of ACT (Alternatives to Conflict in Tajikistan) program are facilitated. Though most of trainings and apprenticeship activities will be delivered outside of the center, EOC will be organizing, assisting and monitoring center for all kinds of ACT Program activities.

In the ceremony among the attendees there were the Mayor of Istaravshan, Juma Zokirov, USAID representative Abdurahim Muhidov, CHF Tajikistan Program Director Slawek Getka, Imam of Istaravshan Hoji Zokirkhon, Lead Implementing partner CSSC Director Dilorom Atabaeva, and representatives of local government, representatives of international and local non-government organizations, representatives of local businesses, mass media representatives, youth of Istaravshan, etc.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Juma Zokirov, the mayor of Istaravshan welcomed guests and other participants and stated that this center will be useful for youth of Istaravshan and local government will support the EOC in there future activities.

Hoji Zokirkhon, Imam of Istaravshan, stated that to gain knowledge is a must in Islam and thus the center will be very useful for youth of Istaravshan.

After the opening speeches, Juma Zokirov, the Mayor of Istaravshan, and Slawek Getka, CHF Tajikistan Program Director performed the ribbon-cutting ceremony and announced the Istaravshan EOC officially opened.