Assistance to vulnerable groups in Tajikistan


Location of operation: TAJIKISTAN
Amount of Decision: EUR 5,000,000
Decision reference number: ECHO/TJK/BUD/2006/01000

Explanatory Memorandum

1 - Rationale, needs and target population.

1.1. - Rationale :

Following independence from the Soviet Union, Tajikistan was shaken by a civil war lasting from 1992 to 1997. Tens of thousands of people died and hundreds of thousands displaced either internally or internationally. The country's economy and infrastructure was left in ruins and remains in a state of recovery. Peace Accords signed in 2000 brought an end to the civil war and a degree of stability, but the humanitarian situation was further aggravated by drought between 1999 and 2000, dealing a further blow to the agricultural sector. Since then, there has been a steady improvement in the overall country situation. Many of Tajikistan's needs are now of a more structural nature, and the Commission's Humanitarian Aid instrument is not effectively mandated, or equipped, to address such needs.

DG ECHO(1) commenced its intervention in Tajikistan in 1993, and since then has continuously supported the humanitarian needs of the most vulnerable populations. Over this time, some EUR 146,000,000(2) has been provided to address these needs. Since 2003, the annual envelope has been steadily decreased as part of a general phase out of activities relating to these crises. This phase out, fully in line with LRRD(3), follows 1) a steady return of security and macroeconomic stability to the country(4); 2) improvements in the humanitarian situation and refocus by the international community on longer term development action; and 3) the mobilisation of longer term European Commission instruments better adapted to the new 'development-oriented' context(5).

This funding decision represents the final planned DG ECHO provision of humanitarian assistance to Tajikistan and again will focus on the forgotten needs of the most vulnerable populations. This funding decision remains independent of other DG ECHO funding decisions which provide benefits to the country, namely the 3rd DIPECHO Action Plan for Central Asia and institutional capacity building efforts such as those provided through the Thematic Funding lines for WHO, the IFRC, UNICEF and the WFP(6). Actions will be coordinated with these funding lines with a view to furthering LRRD.


(1) Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid - ECHO

(2) Some EUR 12,000,000 has also been provided by DG ECHO to the Central Asia region for Disaster Preparedness operations.

(3) Linking Relief to Rehabilitation and Development.

(4) Annual GDP growth is around 8%

(5) Notably the TACIS and Food Security programmes, but also Mine Action, the European Initiative on Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), and Macrofinancing.

(6) Respectively, ECHO/THM/BUD/2005/04000, ECHO/THM/BUD/2005/05000, ECHO/THM/BUD/2004/05000, and ECHO/THM/BUD/2005/03000