ADB to Help Tajikistan Cope with Climate Change

from Asian Development Bank
Published on 19 Jun 2012 View Original

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - A $6 million grant from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) will help Tajikistan build its ability to prepare for and withstand the negative impacts of climate change.

"Over the short term, the assistance will help develop the technical ability to produce weather forecast and climate change information; while in the longer term, the improved understanding of climate change will increase people’s and institutions’ ability to address its threats," said Makoto Ojiro, Director of Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Division at ADB's Central and West Asia Department.

Climate-induced disasters in Tajikistan, the poorest and the most climate vulnerable country in Central Asia, have increased over the past few decades, a trend that is likely to continue with more frequent and severe floods and droughts. Rising temperatures are affecting glaciers, snow and ice, threatening the communities that depend upon them and having an effect on domestic water supply, agriculture production and infrastructure.

The Building Capacity for Climate Resilience program will help the Committee of Environmental Protection formulate a national plan to address climate change risks and develop a monitoring system to assess progress towards climate resilience. The State Hydrometereological Service will also be provided with support to establish a climate modeling facility and produce reliable information on weather and climate that can be easily accessed by national and local users.

Assistance will be given to other government departments and agencies to update engineering guidelines and develop policies to avoid losses from climate change. Non-governmental organizations and vulnerable groups will be assisted in formulating local coping strategies.

A national entity will also be created with trained personnel and improved financial management to leverage financial resources for climate change.

The grant comes from the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience of the Strategic Climate Funds. The Committee for Environmental Protection and the State Hydrometereological Services are the executing agencies. The Program is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

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