ADB Emergency Assistance To Tajikistan For Flood Rehabilitation

News Release No. 121/99 - 02 December 1999

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An emergency loan of U$5 million was approved today by the Asian Development Bank for Tajikistan to rehabilitate infrastructure which was badly-damaged by floods and landslides earlier this year.

The Emergency Flood Rehabilitation Project will help the Government repair damaged roads, bridges, riverbank protection works, irrigation systems, municipal water supply systems, power distribution facilities, telephone networks and schools.

In addition, the ADB will provide a technical assistance grant of US$205,000, through its Japan Special Fund, for a Flood Disaster Management program.

The flood damage, caused mainly by heavy rain in July, was countrywide. Over 80 percent of the population in the affected areas are very poor. Worst-affected areas included Leninabad and Khatlon regions which experienced widespread loss of farmland and livestock.

The government released US$4.5 million equivalent for relief and rehabilitation works and is seeking assistance from the ADB, the World Bank and other international aid agencies for the large amount of work that needs to be done with a constrained budget.

The cost of the rehabilitation program is estimated at US$6.25 million equivalent, of which the Government will finance the balance of US$1.25 million. The ADB loan will come from its concessionary Asian Development Fund. The repayment period is 32 years, including a grace period of 8 years. The interest charge will be 1 percent during the grace period and 1.5 percent thereafter.

The executing agency for the project will be the Department of Environment and Emergency Situations.

Project Information

The following provides prospective suppliers, contractors, consultants, and others with general information about the Project. Detailed information may be obtained from the Executing Agency indicated below. Particulars given with respect to "consultants" and "procurement" are based on present planning and may change in the course of Project Implementation.

PROJECT : Emergency Flood Rehabilitation Project


DATE OF APPROVAL : 2 December 1999

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Project will rehabilitate public infrastructure damaged by severe floods and landslides that occurred throughout the country in July 1999. The infrastructure includes (i) roads, bridges, associated riverbank protection, and irrigation systems; and (ii) municipal water supply systems, power distribution, telephone networks, and schools.

LOAN AMOUNT AND TERMS: A loan of SDR 3,601,000 (US$5 million equivalent) from the Bank's Special Funds resources with a 32-year amortization period, including a grace period of 8 years, with an interest charge of 1 percent per annum during the grace period and 1.5 percent during the amortization period.


BORROWER: Tajikistan

EXECUTING AGENCY: Department of Environment and Emergency Situations

PROCUREMENT: Advance procurement action has been approved for civil works, construction materials and equipment for the period between 8 July 1999 and loan effectiveness, with retroactive financing of US$1 million. Procurement of goods and services to be financed from the Bank loan will be undertaken in accordance with the Bank's Guidelines for Procurement through force account and local competitive bidding for civil works, and direct purchase for equipment.

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: A technical assistance comprising about five person-months of international consulting services will be provided for Flood Disaster Management under a grant of US$205,000 financed from the Japan Special Fund, funded by the Government of Japan. The Government will finance the remaining US$30,000 equivalent of local currency costs. The consultant may be recruited directly considering the emergency nature of the Project.

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