Syria + 2 more

World Vision Syria Response Situation Report (January & December 2021)


Humanitarian Advocacy Impact

Over the last year, World Vision Syria Response has worked to improve and influence humanitarian policies and programs that positively affect millions of lives affected by the ongoing crisis in Syria targeting both displaced and host communities. As 2021 marked a decade of conflict and war for Syria’s children, World Vision has dedicated its advocacy and external engagement efforts to achieve the following, through public and private influencing:

  1. Ensuring access to the most vulnerable population on the move across northern Syria is authorized and aid is unhindered;

  2. Strengthening evidence-based advocacy on critical sectors across Turkey, Jordan and Syria; mainly around access to critical protection and education services for Syrian refugees in Turkey, provision of education for out of school children with disabilities in Jordan and early childhood development; and the cost of war for Syrian children and durable solutions for them.

  3. Scaling-up the reputation, branding and influence of No Lost Generation initiative with donor governments at regional and global levels to complement the Refugee,
    Resilience, Regional Plan.

  4. Addressing operational challenges through regular engagement with aid actors at local level, including faith leaders and local authorities.