World Health Organization: Syria Crisis - East Ghouta Update Issue 7, 26 March 2018

Situation Report
Originally published


- More than 50,000 civilians from East Ghouta are currently hosted in 8 collective shelters in Rural Damascus. Many of them are physically exhausted and psychologically traumatized.

Findings from an inter-agency assessment mission to Dweir shelter on 25 March reveal the following:
- The SARC medical health center (field hospital) has been expanded and includes a psychiatric clinic and two rooms for dehydration. SARC has requested WHO to establish an X-ray unit in the health center. SARC ambulances are available for referral of patients to hospitals.
- Mobile clinics from SARC, NGOs, and DoH can be found in the area with the most-needed medicines and medical supplies. Mobile teams are providing services in the shelter, including vaccination services.
- No new cases of malnutrition have been reported.
- A few cases of diarrhea have been reported in the last few days.
- Many children are suffering from sunburn.
- Needs identified: wheelchairs, medicines (psychotropic medicines, dermal ointment/medicines, disinfectants for external use, sanitary napkins, anti-emetics, anti-lice and anti-cough medicines). There is also a lack of nutrition items for outpatients.