World Federation Provides Meals for Palestine Refugees in Syria during Ramadan

While people around the world were celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, spending quality time with their families and loved ones, Palestine refugees in Syria were reminiscing about their Ramadan memories from a time before the seven-year-long war scattered their families and cost them their life achievements.

To provide relief to the internally displaced persons (IDPs) during this holy month, UNRWA, with a GBP 24,500 (approximately US$ 31,000) contribution from the World Federation, distributed additional food assistance to the residents of the collective shelters it runs in Syria.

The Agency provided suhour food baskets consisting of butter, dates, cheese, olives, and powdered juice and meat pies (sfiha) to more than 2,000 IDPs in the collective shelters, in addition to the ongoing round of emergency food assistance.

This generous donation from the World Federation during Ramadan serves as a reminder to Palestine refugees in Syria that they have not been forgotten, helping them to partake in the traditions of the holy month in spite of the challenging circumstances they face.