Winter brings fresh hardship for people in Syria

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Violence in Syria has left hundreds of people dead or wounded, and many more detained. With the situation deteriorating, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement continues to help people in the country.

Nine months after the unrest started, winter has made a bad situation worse. There are fuel shortages, some factories and shops are closing down, and electricity cuts are common. Difficulties in moving around freely and buying food make daily life even harder for many.

Continued support in Syria

Funds from the British Red Cross' Libya & Region Appeal continue to support people in Syria. Appeal funds have already helped buy eight ambulances, 3,000 food parcels, 200 hygiene kits and 150 pairs of overalls for volunteers. Money raised in the appeal is also being put towards raising awareness in Syria about the Red Cross Movement’s emblem and fundamental principles, and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s role.

In total, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent have distributed:

14,000 food parcels, enough to feed 85,000 people for one month 30,000 school kits, each of which contains a school bag and a complete set of stationery, to children from poor households in affected areas enough hygiene kits to help 8,400 people 3,000 blankets The ICRC is supporting healthcare in the country. It has donated wound-dressing materials, triage kits, stretchers, wheelchairs and trolleys for the treatment of patients with violence-related injuries to private and government hospitals, and to Syrian Arab Red Crescent headquarters for the use of first-aid volunteers.

An advanced first aid seminar, organised by the ICRC, has given new skills to more than 60 doctors who volunteered to help the Syrian Arab Red Crescent treat injured people.