WHO Syria Monthly COVID-19 Bulletin (February 2022)


Epidemiological Overview

Data as of 26 February 2022

Total Cases 188 528

Total Deaths 7008

Total Recovered 140 941

Total Fatality Ratio 3.7%

Total Tests 605 903

Total Vaccine Doses 2 739 349

Descriptive analysis of epidemiological data for the Whole of Syria (26 February 2022)

A total of 188 528 confirmed cases of COVID-19 were reported in Syria between 22 March 2020 and 26 February 2022; of which, 95 754 (50.79%) were reported from north-west Syria (NWS), 54 380 (28.84%) from areas of Syria controlled by the government (GoS), and the remaining 38 394 (20.37%) from north-east Syria (NES). During the same period, a total of 7 008 related deaths were reported: of which 3 068 (43.78%) from GoS, 2 388 (34.08%) from NWS, and 1 552 (22.15%) from NES. The overall Case Fatality Rate (CFR) is 3.7%. The CFR was highest in GoS (5.6%), NES (4.0%) and in NWS the CFR was 2.5%. The high CFR rates in GoS is attributed to the testing strategy for only severe and critical cases admitted to hospital for treatment. The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases reported in February across the Whole of Syria increased by 329% (n=6,573) compared with previous month (n=1,531).

The increase was sharper in NWS by 2170% (n=2,679) compared to January (n=118). Cases reported in GoS increased by 164% (n=2,978) compared to January (n=1,124). Moreover, NES reported an increase of new cases by 217% with 916 new cases compared with 289 cases in previous month. The trend in number of cases detected at the WoS is proportional to the trend of lab tests done in the reported month. Despite of the increase of COVID-19 cases in February, the number of deaths has declined which could be related to the lead time between the infection with SARS-COV-2 and outcome of disease.

The uptrend of COVID-19 new case detection was observed in all governorates of Syria except in Hama, where cases decreased by 31.5%; It all coincides with increased circulation of the OMICRON variant in neighboring countries and NWS. The number of reported cases of COVID-19 and its percentage from the national total across all 14 governorates of Syria during the month of February is as follows: Idleb 23.96% (n= 1575), Aleppo 22.96% (n= 1509), Lattakia 13.53% (n= 889), Al-Hasakeh 12.63% (n= 830), Damascus 5.9% (n= 388), Homs 5.36% (n= 352), Tartous 4.08% (n= 268), Rural Damascus 3.24% (n= 213), Dar'a 2.95% (n= 194), As-Sweida 1.95% (n= 128),
Ar-Raqqa 1.72% (n= 113), Hama 0.93% (n= 61), Deir-ez213), Dar'a 2.95% (n= 194), As-Sweida 1.95% (n= 128),
Ar-Raqqa 1.72% (n= 113), Hama 0.93% (n= 61), Deir-ezZor 0.49% (n= 32), Quneitra 0.32% (n= 21).