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WFP Syria Situation Report #6, June 2019

Situation Report
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In Numbers

11.7 million people in need ofhumanitarian assistance

6.2 million people internally displaced

6.5 million people food insecure

2.5 million people at risk of food insecurity


• In June, WFP delivered food assistance for 3.3 million people across all 14 Syrian governorates. This includes food assistance for some 320,400 people in 69 locations across hard-to-reach areas, and food assistance for 812,600 people provided via the cross-border operation from Turkey to areas not accessible from inside Syria.

• Violence continued in north-western Syria, leading to the displacement of some 330,000 people.

• In response, WFP scaled up its operation, targeting 823,000 people with General Food Assistance in June.

Situation Update

North-Western Syria

• The security situation in north-western Syria remained volatile in June due to ongoing fighting between government forces and non-state armed groups in southern Idlib, northern Hama, and western Aleppo governorates.

• According to the Camp Coordination and Camp Management Cluster (CCCM), some 330,000 people were displaced by the recent surge in conflict towards northern Idlib and Aleppo governorates, to areas that are already densely-populated, such as the Dana subdistrict.

• Throughout June, WFP continued its emergency food assistance, providing more than 233,000 people with ready-to-eat rations (RTEs) since 1 May. Furthermore,
WFP scaled up the general food assistance (GFA) provided across the north-west and targeted 823,000 people in June, an 18 percent increase from May 2019.

• WFP operations in northern Hama governorate remained at a halt in June due to ongoing hostilities, affecting distributions to some 7,000 people. WFP will resume distributions as soon as conditions allow.

• Given the rapidly changing humanitarian environment and the changing needs across north-western Syria,
WFP implemented a beneficiary selection exercise to assess the current 823,000 beneficiaries targeted under the GFA programme and to identify additional eligible beneficiaries across the north-west. Based on the results, WFP will increase the target to cover 933,000 beneficiaries in July. WFP will also increase the size of the food ration in July to provide a value of 1,900 kcal per person/day.