WFP Syria Situation Report #10, October 2019

Situation Report
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In Numbers

11.7 million people in need of humanitarian assistance

6.2 million people internally displaced

6.5 million people food insecure

2.5 million people at risk of food insecurity


• In October, WFP dispatched food assistance for 4.3 million people across all 14 Syrian governorates. This includes food assistance for more than 1 million people provided via the Logistics Cluster-facilitated cross-border operation from Turkey to areas not accessible from inside Syria.

• Responding to mass displacement spurred by military operations in north-eastern Syria, WFP assisted some 381,500 people in October with emergency food assistance across Al-Hasakeh and Ar-Raqqa governorates.

• WFP continues responding to the humanitarian needs in north-western Syria, and reached more than 1 million people with general food assistance in October, as well as 41,200 children with nutrition support.

Situation Update

North-Eastern Syria

• Large-scale military operations commenced across AlHasakeh and Ar-Raqqa governorates following the Turkish announcement of a military incursion into north-eastern Syria on 09 October.

• The fighting displaced more than 215,000 people in less than three weeks, and had by the end of October forced some 12,000 refugees to flee across the border to northern Iraq. By early November, some 115,500 of the internally displaced had returned to their places of origin as the security situation had stabilized in several areas, while some 99,600 people remained displaced.

• In response, WFP on 11 October commenced a largescale emergency operation, dispatching emergency food assistance for immediate distribution to the displaced and host communities. By the end of October, WFP had reached 381,300 people, including 165,400 people in Al-Hasakeh and 215,900 people in ArRaqqa governorate. Of the total, some 103,900 people had been assisted with ready-to-eat rations (RTEs), while 277,400 had been assisted through GFA rations.
For more information in WFP’s response in north-western Syria, see the latest dedicated WFP Syria North-Eastern Syria Emergency Situation Report released on 29 October.

North-Western Syria

• While north-western Syria has seen a relative calm prevail in recent weeks since the announcement of a ceasefire on 31 August, sporadic airstrikes, shelling and ground clashes continued to be reported along the front lines across several areas of north-western Syria over the past week.

• In October, WFP assisted more than one million people across north-western Syria with GFA delivered crossborder from Turkey, and provided nutrition assistance (through blanket supplementary feeding) to some 41,200 children. No RTEs were distributed in October, in line with the decreasing displacement rate.
For more information in WFP’s response in north-western Syria, see the latest dedicated WFP Syria North-Western Syria Emergency Situation Report released on 02 October.