WFP Syria North-Western Syria Emergency Situation Report #14, 03 March 2020

Situation Report
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In Numbers

961,000 people displaced since 01 December 2019

675,000 newly displaced people assisted with WFP ready-to-eat rations since 01 December 2019

1.2 million people provided with WFP general food assistance in February


• As hostilities continue across Idlib and western Aleppo governorate, more than 961,000 people have been displaced since 01 December, with 375,000 people displaced in February alone.

• WFP provided emergency food assistance to 509,400 recently displaced people in February.
In addition, revised assistance procedures allowed WFP to reach a record 1.2 million people with general food assistance.

• WFP requires approximately USD 15 million per month to sustain food assistance in northwestern Syria at current levels.

Situation Update

• The dramatic situation in north-west Syria is showing few signs of abating, as hostilities continue across several areas of Idlib and western Aleppo governorate.

• Some 961,300 people have been displaced since 01 December, including 576,000 children, according to the latest update from the UNHCR-led Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM)
Cluster; the largest wave of displacement in nearly nine years of crisis in Syria.

• Of the recently displaced, 72 percent, some 704,000 people, are reporting food as a primary need.

• Population displacement accelerated in February, with 375,000 people displaced over the course of the month. Over the past week, ongoing hostilities have reportedly spurred significant additional displacement from Idlib city, Bennsh, Sarmin, Taftanaz, Taoum, Dana and Saraqeb towards Salqin, A’zaz and Afrin.