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WFP Syria North-Western Syria Emergency Situation Report #13, 19 February 2020

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In Numbers

875,000 people displaced since 01 December 2019
587,000 newly displaced people assisted with WFP ready-to-eat rations since 01 December 2019
420,400 people provided with WFP general food assistance so far in February.


• Intense hostilities continue in north-western Syria. 875,000 people have been displaced since 01 December, and several attacks on Dana and Sarmada (Idlib governorate) is reportedly spurring secondary displacement towards Afrin (Aleppo governorate).
• WFP has provided emergency food assistance to 427,700 recently displaced people so far in February as well as general food assistance to 420,400 people.
• WFP operations continue to be hampered by insecurity which is putting WFP’s stocks at risk, as well as road congestion, winter weather conditions and the displacement of cooperating partner staff.
• WFP food price monitoring indicates that food prices in Idlib governorate have now increased by 120 percent in one year.

Situation Update

• The situation in north-western Syria remains extremely volatile, as hostilities continue across southern and eastern Idlib governorate as well as western Aleppo governorate. Several artillery attacks targeting the towns of Dana and Sarmada (Idlib governorate), which are hosting large numbers of IDPs, is reportedly spurring secondary displacement towards Afrin (Aleppo governorate).

• The continuing violence is spurring population displacement on a massive scale. According to the UNHCR-led Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster, some 875,000 people have now been displaced since 01 December in what is now the largest wave of displacement in nearly nine years of crisis in Syria.

• The Dana sub-district of Idlib governorate remains the primary destination of the recently displaced. More than 80 percent of the recently displaced are women and children.

• Families across Syria are facing a deteriorating food security situation, with rapidly growing food prices. According to the latest WFP Market Price Watch Bulletin, the countrywide average price of the WFP reference food based increased by 60 percent from January 2019 to December 2019. However, in Idlib governorate, food prices increased by 120 percent over the same period.