WFP Syria North-Western Syria Emergency Situation Report #11, 09 January 2020

from World Food Programme
Published on 09 Jan 2020

In Numbers

312,000 people newly displaced since 01 December 2019
126,400 newly displaced people assisted with WFP ready-to-eat rations since 17 December 2019
1.1 million people targeted for WFP general food assistance in January 2020


• North-western Syria continues to witness heavy fighting, with reports of several airstrikes this week on areas of southern Idlib and western Aleppo governorate. Population displacement continues, with 312,200 people displaced since 01 December.
• WFP has provided emergency food assistance to 126,400 recently displaced people since 17 December and provided general food assistance to one million people in December.
• All WFP assistance to north-western Syria is delivered from Turkey via the UN Security Council-authorized cross-border operation. As an agreement on a further extension of the authorization is not yet in place, WFP preparedness measures are in progress.

Situation Update

• The security situation in north-western Syria remains extremely volatile as hostilities continue across southern and eastern Idlib governorate. Airstrikes reportedly killed at least 10 people on 05 January, with many others injured in airstrikes across the Ma’arrat An-Nu’man, Saraqab, and Ariha districts as well, as surrounding rural areas of southern Idlib and western Aleppo governorate.

• Reports indicate that hostilities are expanding eastwards, with government forces targeting areas under the control of non-state armed groups in southern rural Aleppo governorate. Several areas have reportedly been targeted in these areas along the strategic north-south M5 highway.

• Since 01 December 2019, more than 312,200 people have been displaced as of 07 January 2020 according to the UNHCR-led Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster. Among the recently displaced, 59 percent, some 183,000 people, are reporting food as a primary need. The total number of IDPs in north-western Syria now stand at 2.4 million.