WFP Syria Crisis Regional Response Situation Report, July 2018

from World Food Programme
Published on 31 Jul 2018

In Numbers

5.6 million refugees from Syria

3.0 million Syrian refugees assisted in July

USD 3.9 billion injected into local economies of Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey through cash-based transfers, local food procurement and other


  • In July, WFP reached an estimated 3.0 million refugees – out of a total of 5.6 million registered Syrian refugees – and host community members across Egypt, Iraq, Jordan,
    Lebanon, and Turkey through various food and cash-based assistance programmes under the Country Strategic Plan (CSPs) in Egypt and Lebanon and Transitional Interim CSPs in the three countries.

  • Self-organized refugee returns registered by UNHCR in 2018 totalled only 15,714, indicating a slowing in the last five months – compared with 51,000 returns in 2017. The UN maintains that it does not promote refugee returns to Syria until conditions for voluntary, safe and dignified returns are in place.

Situation Update


  • As of July 2018, there are around 5.6 million refugees from Syria in the neighbouring countries of Egypt, Iraq,
    Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.


  • The International Monetary Fund maintained a favourable outlook on Egypt’s economy in its third major review of the country’s loan programme on July 12, but warned against the risks of rising fuel prices and an investor exit from emerging markets. Despite the increase in GDP growth rates and the improvement in fiscal balances, there is an increasing burden of rising cost of living especially for the poorest and most vulnerable population, including Syrian refugees.


  • Iraq’s parliament had mandated a nationwide manual recount following allegations of fraud. The manual processing of votes commenced on 3 July at the provincial electoral offices in Kirkuk, Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, Dohuk,
    Ninewa, Salah Al-Din, and Anbar. The recount excludes Baghdad, where a storage site holding half of Baghdad's ballot boxes was burnt earlier this month in an incident.


  • Border crossing missions through Ramtha towards Syria were suspended due to the ongoing fights in south Syria where the Syrian forces and its allies are making swift progress on the ground towards Golan Heights.


  • Discussions between the governments of Lebanon and Russia concerning the movement of Syrian refugees from Lebanon and Jordan to Syria is ongoing. No reported progress to date, although UN agencies continue to coordinate the changes in refugee presence in Lebanon.


  • Until 18 August, Turkey will open border crossings to allow Syrians planning to celebrate Eid al-Adha to travel from Kilis. They will be allowed to return to Turkey until 3 September. Earlier in June, during the period of Ramadan, about 83,000 Syrians temporarily visited their home country and returned to Turkey.