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WFP Regional Syria Refugee Crisis Overview #04, November 2019




• 3.7 million Syrian refugees, non-Syrian refugees and host community assisted by WFP in November 2019.

• By the end of November, WFP in Jordan registered 89% of refugees residing in communities and receiving WFP’s unconditional food assistance in the country through the irisscanning biometrics technology.*

Situation Updates

Following the start of Turkish military operations in north-eastern Syria in early October, the situation in Syria and neighbouring countries remained tense.

Due to the renewed escalation of hostilities, the number of spontaneous IDP returnees in Syria had increased from 54,400 (Oct) to 71,415 (OCHA, Nov 2019). Since the beginning of the crisis in October, more than 17,000 people have crossed the border from Syria into Iraq.

In Lebanon the situation remained volatile. The political unrest had contributed to the aggravation of Lebanon’s dire economic situation and is increasingly undermining the country’s overall stability.

WFP Response

As part of WFP’s One Refugee Policy, WFP Egypt supported 94,663 refugees of different nationalities through general food assistance. WFP Iraq has been working to support the new arrivals from North East Syria with food assistance.

In November, WFP Iraq reached 15,200 refugees in Bardarash and Gawilan camps in Duhok governorate in the Kurdistan Region. WFP Jordan developed a disability inclusion guide assessment to identify challenges faced by people living with disability and elderly in the camps. The assessment guide documented good practices with dedicated actions to be incorporated into the programme cycle through specialized partners.

The results will inform the design of future activities under the General Food Assistance.