WFP And Sandbox Global Join Forces To Fight Hunger Online

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BANGKOK – Online gamers and followers of fashion today have a new way to support the United Nations World Food Programme’s (WFP) emergency food assistance operation in Syria thanks to a ground-breaking initiative with Facebook game Stylista ( Stylista is the brainchild of Sandbox Global, a digital gaming company based in Bangkok, Thailand.

“This is the first Facebook game to support WFP’s emergency response in Syria,” said Jay Aldous, Director of WFP Global Private Partnerships. “We are grateful for the support of Sandbox Global and the network of Stylista players for their contribution to our life-saving work.”

Stylista players around the world will be able to contribute to WFP’s Syria emergency response by buying virtual goods such as limited edition t-shirts and bags, now available as part of general gameplay. WFP is currently scaling up its food assistance operations inside Syria to reach 2.5 million people in the coming months.

Stylista – now played by at least one million online gamers worldwide every month – allows players to make virtual visits to famous fashion destinations around the world, shop for the latest fashion trends, and customize their own avatar. Players who support WFP will receive special game play features in return for their contributions.

“We are honoured and excited to be working with WFP in their efforts to provide a lifeline to the victims of conflict in Syria,” said Ferdinand Gutierrez, founder of Sandbox Global. “This new element in our Stylista gameplay makes the issue of hunger far more real to our players, and allows them to play a part in helping people in desperate need.”

A second phase of the partnership with Stylista, which will start in March, will support WFP’s Mother and Child Health and Nutrition and school meals programmes in Asia. Sandbox is developing a Stylista avatar in the likeness of WFP Philippines National Ambassador Against Hunger, KC Concepcion, a fashion icon in her home country.

Stylista will include in the second phase special in-game virtual goods for purchase and new options to enhance a player’s game success by engaging with the fight against hunger. Players can also donate Stylista game cash/virtual currency, available for actual purchase. In addition to the virtual goods, rewards and incentives purchased online, all players who make a contribution will receive an email of thanks from Sandbox and WFP.