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WFP’s Response Inside Syria and in Neighbouring Countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq - Situation Report #17 [EN/AR]

Situation Report
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SYRIA – The situation in Damascus, Rural Damascus and other governorates continues to deteriorate with enduring armed activities resulting in access constraints as well as growing humanitarian needs.
Budget Revision number 6 which increases the beneficiary caseload to 1.5 million beneficiaries from the beginning of September is awaiting early release during the first week of September.

August food dispatches arrived in all targeted governorates and distributions are on-going in the majority of targeted areas.

JORDAN – During the first month’s implementation cycle, WFP distributed food vouchers to a total of 19,000 beneficiaries, an 83 percent implementation ratio. During the reporting period, WFP has provided an average of over 36,274 meals per day in both transit centres in Ramtha and Al Za’atari camp in Mafraq, reaching more than 18,000 beneficiaries daily.

LEBANON- The August cycle is on-going in the North and will be completed when UNHCR’s NFI arrive from Tripoli A total of 1580 households have received vouchers so far, while 229 households in areas with limited access or other restraints received food packages. The voucher programme will begin in Tripoli area in September.

The second round of August voucher distribution in Central Bekaa, postponed last week due to security threats, has now taken place this week for about 2,464 refugees. In August, 233 food packages (reaching about 1,000 persons) have been distributed through DRC to UNHCR registered households in Masharia al Qaa and other remote villages.

IRAQ - WFP is following up the second procurement of 162 mt of food from Turkey to meet the increased food needs of 10,000 Syrians in Kurdistan Region.

TURKEY- WFP presented its strategy for transition from government in kind to WFP voucher-based assistance for two camps in Yayladagi and discussed the operational arrangements with the Government in Turkey; the transition will start in mid-September.