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WFP’s Response Inside Syria and in Neighbouring Countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq - Situation Report #16 [EN/AR]

Situation Report
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SYRIA – The situation in Damascus and Rural Damascus has further deteriorated during the reporting period. The situation in Aleppo also remains tense with on-going military operations. As a result, humanitarian needs continue to grow at an alarming rate and intermittent access constraints persist.
Budget revision number 6 with beneficiary caseload reaching 1.5 million beginning September was endorsed by the Project Review Committee on 21 August, 2012. August food dispatches arrived in all governorates with the exception of Aleppo and distributions are on-going in the majority of targeted areas.

JORDAN – During this reporting period, WFP has provided an average of over 21,200 meals per day in transit camps in Ramtha and Al Za’atari, reaching more than 13,000 beneficiaries daily. In addition to hot meals, WFP is distributing welcome packages to new arrivals who come to Al Za’atari camp mostly in the middle of the night, requiring a 24/7 WFP staff presence. WFP cooperating partners completed the distribution of vouchers for August reaching over 21,000 beneficiaries.

LEBANON- The August cycle is on-going in the North: A total of 1580 households received vouchers, while 229 households in areas with limited access or other restraints received food packages.
The first round of August voucher distribution has been completed in the Bekaa Valley, reaching about 12,000 beneficiaries. The second round of voucher distribution in Central Bekaa has been postponed due to security threats and will take place next week for about 2,400 refugees

IRAQ - WFP, UNHCR, Islamic Relief Worldwide and DDM are working together to ensure well-coordinated distributions of the 137 mt of food to registered Syrian in Domiz camp and those hosted in communities in Dohuk.

TURKEY- The voucher specialist arrived in Turkey on August 21 and is setting up the programme to start voucher distribution to an initial caseload of 15,000 beneficiaries by mid-September.

Kcal/day/person- In Syria, WFP is providing about 1300kcal per day to each person assisted. In Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq WFP is providing about 2100 Kcal per person and day through either vouchers or food packages and will be providing the same amount of Kcal/day/person in Turkey thought vouchers from mid-September.