Waves of Displacement from Hama and Southern Idleb Countryside’s Needs Assessment Report (January 2018)

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Since the beginning of November 2017, the eastern side of Hama governorate, which is under the control of the opposition forces, has been witnessing an escalation of military actions by the Syrian regime forces. The regime has increased the volume of the shelling, as its advancing has led to the flight of most of the civilians from these sub-districts towards the southern countryside of Idleb. The number of IDPs from Al-Saa’n, Elhamra, Oqeirbat, and Suran sub-districts reached 72,760 IDPs.
Most of them settled in Sinjar, Tamanaah, Ma'arrat An Nu'man, Khan Shaykun, and Saraqab in the southern Idleb countryside.

On 14 November 2017, the regime forces managed to control al-Hawiyahvillage, which follows the sub-district of Tamanaah, and by so doing the regime crossed the administrative boundaries of Idleb governorate. Noting that, as the regime was advancing, its operation was accompanied by dozens of air raids launched daily on Idleb governorate. The Air raids were concentrated on the southern sub-districts, resulting in several massacres; something which increased the rate of displacements towards the northern sub-districts of Idleb government.

Both of the Elhamrasub-district in Hama eastern countryside and the Sinjar sub-district in Idleb southern countryside have seen complete exodus; as all of the population of these sub-districts are running for their lives fleeing towards Idleb, meanwhile, the regime forces are advancing. The sub-district of Tamanaah is also seeing an exodus at 60% of the population.

In the meantime, the Ma'arrat An Nu'man sub-district countryside and Hysh sub-district is also experiencing a percentage of 15% displacement of the people heading north.