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UNRWA is alarmed and saddened by an ERW incident that affected Palestine refugee children in Ein el Tal, Aleppo

On the afternoon of 31 August 2021, seven Palestine refugee boys between the ages of 10 and 14 were playing in the heavily damaged Ein el Tal Camp in Aleppo, when a nearby explosive remnant of war (ERW) exploded. Six boys were hit by shrapnel, injuring three of them lightly and three seriously. All of them are suffering from psychological trauma as a result of the tragic incident.

UNRWA Health and Relief and Social Services Staff, operating in Ein el Tal Camp at the time, were able to offer immediate first aid before the children were transferred to a hospital in Aleppo city for treatment. Four of them were discharged the same day, while the other three are still hospitalized. As we publish this statement, one 12-year-old remains in critical condition.

UNRWA is saddened and shocked by this tragic and violent incident involving Palestine refugee children and affecting families living in Ein el Tal camp, as well as those who might wish to return.

UNRWA, once more and with a renewed sense of urgency, highlights the danger of ERW on civilians and the urgent need of marking and clearance, removal or destruction of such ERW in areas where people are returning.

UNRWA has and will continue to prioritize ERW risk awareness raising in its schools and within the communities, particularly targeting the population living in the heavily affected Ein el Tal, Yarmouk and Dera’a camps

Background Information:

Ein el Tal camp used to be home to some 7,000 Palestine refugees before the conflict in Syria led to large scale destruction and displacement. All UNRWA facilities in the camp have suffered high levels of damage, and all camp residents were displaced. Currently, around 120 families have returned to the camp. The children of Ein el Tal have grown up in a world of war and devastation. UNRWA has enhanced its efforts to do preventive and awareness raising protection activities, and to provide psychosocial support through the Mikhael Kashour (government) school in Aleppo, the community centre in Neirab, and in the camp itself.


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