UNICEF Whole of Syria - Northwest Syria Situation Report No. 3 (26 February – 5 March 2020)

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• The humanitarian crisis for people in northwest Syria reached new and dire levels during the reporting period, characterized by continued population movement due to the escalation of hostilities.

• More than 961,000 people have been displaced since 1 December 2019, exceeding worst-case planning figures by the humanitarian community. Of these, some 575,000 are children and nearly 198,000 are women, together comprising 81 percent of the newly displaced.

• The deteriorating humanitarian situation on the ground has raised international concerns. A one-day cross-border UN interagency technical mission into northwest Syria took place on 2 March—the first of its kind in the 9 year conflict—to assess the humanitarian situation for children and their families on the ground.

• Nevertheless, the humanitarian community continues to deliver relief programs and services to the affected population in Idlib and northern Aleppo.

• UNICEF and partners are scaling up their response to meet the needs of 800,000 internally displaced people in northwest Syria. The scale up plan is US$ 36 million with US$ 18.8 million as a gap considering funding received from CERF