UNICEF Whole of Syria Humanitarian Situation Report - January 2021

Situation Report
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  • Hostilities continued in 2021, resulting in the tragic death of at least 22 children in January, from incidents involving explosive weapons and unexploded ordnance in Hama and near Tal Rifaat, in northern rural Aleppo. In addition, many more children have been injured due to 29 security-related incidents in Tal Rifaat area alone, during the reporting month.

  • Heavy rainfalls were reported across Idleb and northern Aleppo, causing significant damage to IDP sites, with several roads leading to camps reportedly cut off or destroyed. Winter conditions continue worsening communities' existing humanitarian needs, with flooding affecting at least 67,644 people, and destroying and damaging the tents in IDP sites.

  • The ongoing power shortages affected Alouk water station in northeast Syria, leaving it nonfunctional and affecting more than 460,000 people, including some in camps and displacement sites. Despite UN efforts to send technical teams to rectify the issues, the station remained in recess for almost one week in January.

  • In Al-Hassakeh Governorate of northeast Syria, ten teachers were arrested for offering private lessons to children at homes in the region, using the national curriculum. The decision to prevent teaching national curriculum and the arrests of education staff created further tension among the community, affecting the readiness of students for national exams.

  • Tensions increased and resulted in a military confrontation between Syrian Arab Army and nonstate armed groups in Dara’a. Local partners reported that almost 85% of students (12,000) and 40% of teachers were absent in 43 schools in the three affected communities of Tafas, Mzerieb, and Yadodeh during the peak of the hostilities.

  • Overall the Whole of Syria appeal faces a 74% funding gap. Additional funding, especially flexible in nature, is urgently needed to ensure that children in Syria continue to receive life-saving humanitarian assistance.