UNHCR Syria Update Issue 1: January 2013

Situation Report
Originally published


Four million Syrians are in need of humanitarian assistance, two million are displaced. These numbers represent a very real and harrowing situation for a large number of people. In this crisis, the efforts that Syrians have made to help displaced Syrians have been remarkable. People have been volunteering their efforts, their homes and the little they have left to help those vulnerable people around them, up and down the country. With all the energy that a new year brings, UNHCR has joined the Syrian people in a push to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable.

UNHCR has completed a first delivery of winter emergency relief to the Azzas area of northern Syria where thousands of internally displaced people are living in makeshift camps. Two hundred metric tons of tents and blankets was airlifted last weekend to a civilian airport near Latakia on the Syrian coast. From there, it was transported by road in an eight-truck convoy to an area between Aleppo and the Syrian-Turkish border.

The operation was only possible thanks to the logistics support of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, the agreement and cooperation of the Syrian Government, and facilitation by the Syrian National Coalition.

In addition, since the beginning of the year:

• More than 105,000 individuals have been provided with non-food items such as blankets, mattresses and winter clothes to combat the effect of the harsh winter.

• The rehabilitation of 31 shelters has been completed.

• Financial Assistance has been provided to more than 3,500 Syrian families.

• Anesthesia and Gynecology echo machines have been provided to health institutions.

These activities took place in Aleppo, Damascus, Rural Damascus, Homs, Hassakeh and Raqqah and could not have been done without the assistance of governorates, ministries, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, the Danish Refugee Council, Syrian Society for Social Development, Syria Trust, Secours Islamique France and Première Urgence.