UNHCR Syria Situation Report for the North East Syria Humanitarian Emergency (As of 28 October 2019)

Situation Report
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■ As of 28 October a total of 202,4291 population movements have been recorded across Al-Hasakeh, Ar-Raqqa and Aleppo governorates since military operations began on 9 October.

■ 105,574 people remain displaced from Al-Hasakeh (73,210), Ar-Raqqa (25,588) and Aleppo governorates (6,776).

■ 96,855 people have returned to their areas of origin in Al-Hasakeh (47,750), Ar-Raqqa governorates (39,000) and Aleppo governorates (10,105)

■ Overall, 70 active collective shelters in Al-Hasakeh (69) and Ar-Raqqa (1) governorates are accommodating 15,128 people (3,315 families) – an additional 26 collective shelters, all in Al-Hasakeh governorate, are now empty.

Emergency response update

Protection concerns and response

■ On 27 October, SARC legal team conducted legal awareness sessions and counselling for 144 IDP families hosted in three collective shelters in Hassakeh. 46 cases were identified for further legal support to obtain their individual and civil documentation.

■ As of 27 October, a total of 1,214 IDP families/5,500 individuals in 37 collective shelters in Hassakeh (23), Maabada (5), Malkieh (3), Tal Hamis (2), Tal Tamer (3) and Raqqa (1) have been reached with different protection activities such as psychological first aid, psycho-social support, recreational activities for children, fast-tracking for assistance and other support for persons with special needs, legal interventions, etc.

■ In addition, protection assessments in five collective shelters are ongoing. The main concerns identified so far include lack of privacy, lack of showers, food for infants, and the need for dignity kits.

■ In Mahmoudli camp, camp administration handed over personal documents for 50 IDP families; 5 families later left the camp for Deir-ez-Zor and Raqqa governorates. Camp administration along with support from UNHCR partners are working to return personal documents for 300 families.

■ In Areesha, sorting and organizing of personal documents to the former Mabrouka population is being finalized. Camp administration announced that IDP return trips will resume on Wednesday for both Areesha and Mabrouka populations. So far 100 IDP families from Mabrouka registered to return to Deir-ez-Zor; registration will continue tomorrow. UNHCR is following up on personal documentation in the Archive Room support its return to families.