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UNHCR Regional Winter Assistance Progress Report: Syria and Iraq Situations - January 2016 (In Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey)

Situation Report
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Torrential rain, snow storms and flooding hit the Middle East during the month of January, creating more difficulties for millions of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the region.
UNHCR staff worked around the clock to help people endure the cold freezing temperatures by delivering emergency supplies including cash vouchers to help the most vulnerable refugees purchase needed items, as well as provision of fuel, stoves, blankets and weatherproofing kits.
As of 20 January, 82 per cent of the total Syrian refugees and IDPs and nearly 48 per cent of the total Iraqi refugees and IDPs identified for UNHCR winter support have received assistance. The current budget for the Syria situation regional winter plan is USD 154 million (USD 141 million for Syrian refugees and USD 13 million for Syrian IDPs) and for the Iraq situation regional winter plan is USD 30 million (USD 10 million for Iraqi refugees and USD 20 million for Iraqi IDPs).
Both the plans are 100 per cent funded and UNHCR is grateful to the Governments, charities and other organizations for their contributions which have helped UNHCR to significantly increase its original planning figures for winter 2015-2016 assistance.