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UNHCR MENA COVID-19 Emergency Response Update #6 (27 May 2020)

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Operational Context

In Mauritania, the number of confirmed cases increased rapidly in May, and as of 25 May there are 238 confirmed active cases (262 cumulative cases, out of which 15 have recovered, and nine have died) as of 17 May. In Iraq, the rate of infections continued to increase last week, with over 4,600 confirmed cases across Iraq, as well as 163 fatalities, most of which are in Baghdad, Basrah, and Kerbala. In Kuwait, the extension of full lockdown implemented as of 10 May - implemented in an attempt to curb the rate of people being newly infected by the coronavirus - will end on 30 May. Similarly, a spike in new cases in Lebanon prompted the Government to institute a four-day full lockdown from 13 May. Since then, the Government has resumed its five-stage deconfinement plan to gradually reopen the economy.