UNHCR Cross-Border Operation for North-West Syria 2022 (April 2022)


2021 Achievements

  • 250,000 individuals assisted with 50,000 emergency core relief item kits

  • 155,000 individuals assisted with 31,000 emergency shelters

  • Since 2014, 336 trans-shipments (58 in 2021) assisting 3,380,000 individuals

  • 203,000 individuals assisted through community-based protection interventions, civil status documentation, legal assistance and protection monitoring activities

  • IDP movement tracking and site monitoring for 1.7 million people in camps and 2.8 million IDPs


After 11 years of conflict, civilians in north-west Syria continue to suffer the disintegration of community structures and rule of law, proliferation of weapons, strain on resources, and high levels of trauma and psychological distress. Multiple displacements coupled with family separation, have forced people to resort to harmful coping strategies, weakened family and community support structures, and fostered an increasingly complex and high-risk environment.

In 2021, of the 4 million people living in north-west Syria (NWS), over 2.8 million people were internally displaced (IDPs), 90% of whom lived in unplanned sites. The situation in north-west Syria is likely to remain complex and dynamic in 2022. displacement. Lines of control in Syria will potentially continue to shift and result in further displacement as well as changes to humanitarian access, including cross-border access.

UNHCR's cross-border operation from Turkey delivers humanitarian assistance within the framework of the Humanitarian Response Plan for Syria and based on the UN Security Council Resolution 2585 authorizing cross-border humanitarian operations. In 2022, UNHCR will continue to lead the coordination of three clusters - Protection,
Shelter/NFI and Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) - for which UNHCR also serves as a provider of last resort. These efforts will be undertaken in close partnership with the Humanitarian Liaison Group as well as local and international NGOs and the Whole of Syria coordination structure.