Turkey | Syria: Flash Update - Developments in Aleppo Governorate (as of 08 February 2016)


  • Intensified fighting between the Government of Syria (GoS) and its allies and Non-State Armed Opposition Groups (NSAG) in Aleppo governorate cause displacements of tens of thousands of people

  • Humanitarian assistance affected by fighting and border closures; aid organisations are working to respond to the thousands of internally displaced and in need. According to initial assessments up to 80 percent of the displaced are women and children

  • OCHA launched a Humanitarian Pooled Fund (HPF) allocation for USD10 million to scale up assistance to areas with high IDP influx The map below illustrates areas of concentration of Government of Syria (GoS) and allied forces airstrikes on civilian infrastructure as of 08 February 2016 *see map in attachment)**

Thousands Displaced in Aleppo Governorate as GoS Forces Advance

Last week GoS and allied forces launched a major military offensive against NSAG-held positions in the northern Aleppo countryside. A surprise offensive, started from the eastern flank of Aleppo city, linked GoS held territories to the NSAG-surrounded villages of Nubul and Zahra. This action severed main supply routes to NSAG-controlled eastern Aleppo City, and surrounding areas, from the Bab al Salam border crossing point.

According to sources in the area, while troops advanced on the ground, GoS and allied forces intensified airstrikes over key territory north of the city; thousands of households were displaced from Tel Rifaat, Hariyatan, and Azaz sub-districts.

Currently, the GoS and GoR air campaign is focusing on Haritan and Bayanoun, just south of the newly-established corridor linking western Aleppo city to government-held Nubul and Zahara. The campaign is expected to continue until the GoS take Haritan and the last remaining access route from NSAG-controlled areas into the city. The Al Nusra Front (ANF) and allies are launching a counter-offensive towards Aleppo prison in order to defend Haritan.

Current dynamics mean the conflict is difficult to predict but continued fighting between NSAG and GoS and its allies is expected over the next few weeks.

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