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Turkey Hub Health Cluster Gaziantep Bulletin - December 2019

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• According to CCCM Cluster, from MAY to DEC, 160 new IDPs sites were added. The population number in the IDP sites increased by over 370,000, stretching the health service provision.

• On December 20, the UN Security Council failed to adopt two draft resolutions on extending the authorization for the mechanism that allows cross-border delivery of humanitarian aid in Syria.
The draft proposed was rejected by a vote of 13 in favour and two against (China & Russia). By its terms, the Council would have decided to renew the mechanism created by UNSCR #2165 (2014, excluding the border crossing of Al-Ramtha, for a further six-month period, to be followed by an additional six months unless the Council decided otherwise.

• Heavy rains during December affected 20 IDPs sites in health underserved areas in Dana,
Harim, Atareb, Maaret Tamsrin, and Azaz 1 .
CCCM reported 30,012 individuals in the affected sites, tents were destroyed and/or partially damaged. These conditions further increase the potential for disease outbreaks on the most vulnerable groups.

• By end of December, the Syrian pound loss of currency value hinders NGO’s operations at every stage of operations, from project proposal and budgeting, to programme design, procurement, finance, and implementation including the ability for rapid response2 .