Technology-based Learning Assessment Findings Report - June 2016

Originally published



One of the key goals of the Investing in Syrian Humanitarian Action (ISHA) program is to develop an online learning program that targets the top priority needs and relevant topics to support Syrian humanitarian organizations’ response to the Syrian crisis. As a first step, DisasterReady conducted a technology-based learning assessment among local and international humanitarian organizations with operations inside Syria to understand their challenges, the knowledge and skills they need to perform their jobs more effectively, their preferences when learning online, and the benefits to them of an online learning program.

Putting the needs of the Syrian humanitarian organizations at the center of the ISHA learning program is fundamental to providing a meaningful and engaging program that gives aid workers access, from any location, to free online courses and resources as well as opportunities for knowledge sharing through a web-based learning portal. The learning program aims to help strengthen skills and knowledge in order to increase the effectiveness of aid workers and the impact they have on providing aid in Syria. This program will also support the professional development of aid workers new to the humanitarian sector by enhancing their knowledge of humanitarian work and broadening their skillset, better positioning them for jobs and new career opportunities. The ISHA technology-based learning program will be focused on humanitarians in the whole of Syria and will also be made available and free to anyone in the world through the portal. Learning resources for the ISHA online learning program will be developed and made available over time on the portal.