Syrian Arab Republic Polio Situation Report No. 11

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• MoH declared 23 confirmed polio cases and an advance notification from the Regional lab indicated additional 2 confirmed polio cases. These cases are from Hasakeh and Damascus. Upon the request of MoH, the sample from the case of Damascus is going to be retested.

o One case of Hasakeh # SYRHASKAM201310 which was initially declared as Polio on the basis of positive contact. This case has been cleared from lab and classified as Non Polio AFP.

• 10 more AFP cases reported since last sitrep.

• The meeting of Expert Review Committee (ERC) held on 6th February 2014 at the Ministry of Health Syria.

o 30 AFP pending cases were presented for final diagnosis .Cases were diagnosed as

o 03 compatible cases from Deir ez Zore Governorate, 03 compatible cases of Edleb Governorate. 16 cases were diagnosed as GBS, 03 Non Polio AFP (Viral Infection), 02 cases were diagnosed as Traumatic Neuritis and one each of Encephalitis and Brain tumor. One case differed by committee for further follow up.

• The Polio Operational Room established and functional at MoH for NIDs 2-6 th February 2014

• The February 2nd -6 th, NIDs round implemented in all governorates

o The result provided by MoH indicates that 2,706,413 children < 5 years are vaccinated during this campaign from all (14) Governorates.

• The # of vaccinated children < 5years for January 5-9 th NIDs round was 2,532,476