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Syrian Arab Republic, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt Situation Report Issue 10 | 10 February 2013

Situation Report
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An outbreak of cutaneous leishmaniasis has been reported in the Syrian Arab Republic.

WHO has provided health facilities with medicines and other essential supplies which will strengthen the capacity of health facilities to provide basic health care to 165 000 patients. In addition, it will enable health facilities to have access to supplies in order to undertake and properly manage about 200 surgical interventions.

The number of Syrian refugees arriving in Jordan is now exceeding 3000 a day which has stretched the current response capacity of WHO and other partners, and in the absence of additional support to WHO it will be highly challenging to provide adequate and needed support.

WHO Lebanon conducted enhanced vaccination outreach activities in the north and Bekaa with a target to reach 8000 children.

Saudi national campaign for Syrian solidarity has donated US$ 2 107 000 to provide essential medicines, vaccines and medical equipment to the people of the Syrian Arab Republic.