Syrian Arab Republic: IDP Movements (March 2021) [EN/AR/TR]


March 2021 updates

In March 2021, the humanitarian community tracked some 40,000 IDP movements across Syria, around 28 percent more than the numbers tracked in February. As in preceding months, most IDP movements were concentrated in northwest Syria, with 94 percent occurring within and between Aleppo and Idleb governorates.

At the sub-district level, the Dana sub-district in Idleb governorate received the largest number of displaced people, with around 3,400 movements in March, followed the Maaret Tamsrin in Idleb and Raju sub-districts in Aleppo governorate which received around 3,000 IDP movements each. The Azaz and The Sharan sub-districts in Aleppo governorate also received some 2,300 IDP movements each. The Afrin and Bulbul sub-districts in Aleppo governorate each received around 2,200 movements, while the Ma’btali subdistrict in Aleppo governorate received some 1,600 IDP movements.

At the community level, the Sarmada community in Idleb governorate received the largest number of displaced people, with around 1,700 movements, followed by 1,400 IDP movements received by the Shamarin community in Aleppo governorate. Idleb city center and Shekh Bahr community in Idleb governorate received round 800 IDP movements each while Marma Elhajar community in Aleppo governorate and the Ariha community in Idleb governorate each received around 600 IDP movements in March. These movements are estimated to mostly be incentivised by access to services and livelihoods.


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